Bookmark Reminders 1.0.3 released

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This version includes the following changes:
  • Adjusted email subject title case to be more consistent
  • Ensures correct phrase will always show when there are no pending reminders
  • Ensures ‘Manage reminders’ tools will always be visible from Bookmark page (previously was only visible when the reminders filter was applied)
  • Added a new icon to Bookmarks page to make it more obvious when a bookmark has a pending reminder (previously it was only obvious if you were directly filtering or looked for the presence of the reminder date for the content item)
  • Changed the previous bell icon to an alarm clock. The bell icon is used by default for watched content, and this change makes it more obvious that an alert (reminder) will occur in the future
  • Some behind the scenes changes to saving admin options
  • extra.less is no longer used for styling purposes, all styling modifications made in core_vbr.less
Not open for further replies.